2021Spring Show 23 – 26 Sept


Grand Champion – Any Orchid         TOS Silver Medal, sash.$100,Andrew Wilkie Trophy

                          Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule x speciosum var. speciosum        G Curry  Cs              

Reserve Champion – Any Orchid                              TOS Medal, sash Sue Hickey Trophy

     Masdevallia Mary Staal ‘Laurie Jeanne’                                   V Byers/G Durkin  4

Champion Cymbidium Hybrid                                                       Elise Archer Trophy

     Cymbidium Kimberly Splash ‘Tee Tee’                                                S Jackson  3                                     

Champion Miniature Cymbidium                              Jean Nanscawen Perpetual Trophy        

                           Cymbidium Mary Green ‘Nifty Guy’                                                      S Jackson  3

Champion Australian Native Orchid Species                                       ANOS Trophy       

                           Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule x speciosum var. speciosum       G Curry  Cs

Champion Australian Native Hybrid                                         Andrew Wilkie Trophy

               Dendrobium Australian Artist                                                                                           S Jackson  3

Champion Hybrid – other                                    Denis Howroyd Mem. Perpetual Trophy

                Masdevallia Mary Staal ‘Laurie Jeanne’                                                 V Byers/G Durkin  4                      

Champion Species – other                                                           Andrew Wilkie Trophy

               Masdevallia veitchiana ‘Prince de Gaule’                                                               M Smith  1

Champion Novice Orchid Species or Hybrid                       Phyl Whitham Mem. Trophy

      Masdevallia Mary Staal ‘Laurie Jeanne’                                                  V Byers/G Durkin  4

Champion Display                                TOS.Trophy $50, sash, A.E.Boyes Perpetual Trophy

                           Stand 3                                                                                                           S Jackson                                                                                                                          

                                                   SPECIAL PRIZES

Best Cultured Orchid                                                                B.G.Reid Mem. Trophy

               Sarcochilus Cream Cake x Fitzhart ‘Soft Pink’                                                I Woodgate  Cs

Most Pre-eminent Entry in Any Class                                                    AOC. Trophy

                           Pleione Alf. Beecher                                                                       B & L Davidson  5

Best Golden Orchid                                                               Ansett Perpetual Trophy

   Dendrobium gracilacaule ‘Pancake’ x Moonmere ‘Best 2005’                                 D & V Cleaver  8



            4 – 6 square metres

                  1st.      Stand   3                                                                                                                     S Jackson         2nd.   Stand                                                  

              3rd.      Stand

            1 – 4 square metres

              1st.      Stand   8                                                                                                            D & V Cleaver          2nd.    Stand   7                                                                                                               S Greatbatch      

                  3rd.      Stand   5                                                                                                          B & L Davidson

One square metre and under

  1st.      Stand   4                                                                                                       V Byers/G Durkin                2nd.     Stand   2                                                                                                                    S Johnson                      3rd.       Stand                                                                                      

            First display by a member

                        No Entry                                                                                 


Section A    Cymbidium Hybrids

Cymbidiums – Standard Hybrid over 90 mm. (minimum 5 blooms fully open)

Class 1      Predominately Green                                                                                          Ian Crocker Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Unknown                                                                                                      S Jackson  3                     2nd.      Cym. Unknown                                                                                                       G Allen  Cs        

Class 2      Predominately Red                                                                                         David O’Byrne Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Spicy Khan                                                                                          D & V Cleaver  8                     2nd.      No Entry   

Class 3      Predominately Pink                                                                                      Matthew Kemp Trophy

      1st       Cym. Hypno Beauty ‘Strawberry Cream’                                                               S Jackson  3
      2nd.     Cym. Valley ‘Delightful’                                                                                        S Jackson  3                             

Class 4      Predominately White                                                                                                     TOS Trophy

      1st       No Entry                                                                                            


Class 5      Predominately Yellow                                                                                        J & B Smith Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Kelly’s Winter  ‘Patricia’                                                                 V Byers/G Durkin  4

                  2nd.     Cym. Coraki Gold ‘Kimberly’ x Valley Khan ‘Wow’                               V Byers/G Durkin  4

Class 6      Any Other Colour or Colour Combination                                                          Eve Mills Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Kimberly Splash ‘Tee Tee’                                                                            S Jackson  3

      2nd.     Cym. Pebbles Smokie x Blazing Fury ‘John’s Best’                                                E Mills  Cs

Cymbidium Hybrids – Majority over 60mm. to 90mm.

Class 7      Red, Brown or Wine Shades                                                                              J & B Smith Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Doctor Len ‘Ruby Sunset’                                                                             S Jackson  3                     2nd.      Cym. Red Pepper ‘Janice’                                                                                       S Jackson  3                                      

Class 8      Yellow, Green, Gold                                                                                             Vic Dawes Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Freeling ‘Green Ice’                                                                              D & V Cleaver 8

      2nd.     Cym. My Sweet Amy                                                                                         S Barwick  Cs                               

Class 9      White, Pink, Blush                                                                                           Sally Johnson Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Alison Shaw ‘Valentine’                                                                              S Johnson  2

      2nd.     Cym. Gleneagles ‘Cooksbridge;                                                                         J & B Smith  6


Class 10    Any Other Colour or Colour Combination                                                    Barry Wilson Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Pumison ‘Orange’                                                                                          S Jackson  3

      2nd.     Cym. (Pharoah’s Gold’ x Mutowa) ‘Bedazzled’                                             N & C Doyle  10

Cymbidium Hybrids –60mm and under

Class 11    Red, Brown or Wine Shades                                                                    Sandra Greatbatch Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Warringah Winter ‘National Show’                                                     D & V Cleaver  8

      2nd.     Cym. Parish Jewel x Last Tango                                                                            S Jackson  3                          

Class 12    Yellow, Green or Gold                                                                                   Elaine MulderTrophy

      1st.      Cym. Sarah Jean ‘Green Mint’                                                                  V Byers/G Durkin  4

      2nd      No Entry

Class 13    White, Pink or Blush                                                                                       N & C Doyle Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Mary Green ‘Nifty Guy’                                                                               S Jackson  3

      2nd.     Cym. Cindy Lou                                                                                                    S Johnson  2                           

Class 14    Any Other Colour or Colour Combination                                                    N & C Doyle Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Mem. Marvin Gaye ‘Royale’                                                                        S Jackson  3

      2nd.     Cym. Australian Honey                                                                                         S Jackson  3

      Cymbidium Other

Class 15    Pure Colour                                                                                                           Vic Dawes Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Unknown                                                                                                      S Jackson  3

      2nd.     No Entry                                                                                                        

Class 16    Species                                                                                                                    Eric Abetz Trophy

      1st.      Cym. lowianum                                                                                                  S Barwick  Cs

      2nd.     No Entry
Class 17    Pendulous                                                                                                          N & C Doyle Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Doctor Len ‘Ruby Sunset’                                                                             S Jackson  3

      2nd.     Cym. Pumison ‘Orange’                                                                                          S Jackson  3

Class 18    Seedling First Flowering (not a mericlone) Notifiable                                          Westpac Trophy

         1st.      No Entry

Section B    Australian Native Orchids

Class 19    Dendrobium kingianum                                                                             Bev Woodward Trophy

      1st.      Den. kingianum                                                                                                      S Jackson  3
      2nd.     Den. kingianum var. album                                                                               J & B Smith  6

Class 20    Dendrobium Species (other than kingianum)                                           Bev Woodward Trophy

      1st.      Den. falcorostrum ‘Stumpy Butt’                                                                         S Johnston  2
      2nd.     Den. amuelum                                                                                                    J & B Smith  6

Class 21    Dendrobium Species (Rhizobium Type)                                                     Elaine Mulder            Trophy

      1st.      Den. grimesii                                                                                                   J & B Smith  6      2nd.     Den. teretifolium                                                                                             J & B Smith  6

Class 21A  Dendrobium speciosum                                                                                     Gwen Allen Trophy                1st.      Den. speciosum var. curvicaule x speciosm var. speciosum                                 G Curry  Cs
      2nd.     Den. speciosum                                                                                                   S Barwick  Cs

Class 22    Dendrobium Hybrid                                                                                         N & C Doyle Trophy

      1st.      Den. Australian Artist                                                                                            S Jackson  3

      2nd.     Den.Rutherford Starburst ‘Tinonee’                                                                        G Allen  Cs

Class 23    Dendrobium Hybrid (Australian Rhizobium Type)                                                   TOS Trophy

      1st.      No Entry


Class 24    Dendrobium Hybrid (Including Australasian Rhizobium Type)             David O’Byrne Trophy                1st.      Den. Grumpy ‘George’                                                                                  D & V Cleaver  8
      2nd.     Den. Australian Ginger ‘Ratty Ruffles’                                                                  M Smith  1

Class 25    Sarcochilus and Allied Species                                                                    Matthew Kemp Trophy

      1st.      Plrhz. tridentata                                                                                                     S Jackson  3

      2nd.     No Entry

Class 26    Sarcochilus and Allied Hybrid                                                                             Eric Abetz Trophy

      1st.      Srts. Braveheart ‘Sandy’                                                                                    S Greatbatch  7

                  2nd.     Sarco. Cream Cake x Fitzhart ‘Soft Pink’                                                         I Woodgate  Cs

Class 27    Terrestrial Species or Hybrid                                                                       David O;Byrne Trophy

      1st.      Ptst. curta                                                                                                      D & V Cleaver  8

      2nd.     Ptst. curta                                                                                                               G Curry  Cs                           

Class 28   Other Species/Hybrid not Included in Classes 19 – 26                                                TOS Trophy

      1st.      No Entry        


Section C    Laeliinae

    Alliance: Cattleya, Brassavola, Laelia, Rhyncholaelia or any combination of:-

Class 29    Standard shape Hybrid over  90mm.                                                                   Eric Abetz Trophy

      1st.      Rlc. Goldenzelle                                                                                            D & V Cleaver  8
      2nd.     C. Leya Dalaginding ‘Nato’                                                                                    M Smith  1

Class 30    Non standard shape Hybrid over  90mm.                                                                    TOS Trophy

      1st.      No Entry        


Class 31    Standard/Non standard Hybrid 60 – 90mm                                                  Sally Johnson Trophy

      1st.      C. Dal’s Paradise x Rosella Jewel                                                                        I Crocker  Cs

      2nd.     Lc. Mari’s Song x C. Tiny Titan                                                                          I Crocker  Cs

Class 32    Standard/Non standard Hybrid under 60mm                                                Barry WilsonTrophy

      1st       C. coccinea                                                                                                    N & C Doyle  10
      2nd.     C. coccinea var. xanthina x ‘Red’                                                                 D & V Cleaver  8

Class 33    Other Species/Hybrids                                                                                    Barry Wilson Trophy

      1st.      Lc. Canariensis ‘Golden Glow’                                                                             S Jackson  3

      2nd.     L. anceps ‘Bulls’                                                                                               B Woodward  9

Section D    Pleurothallidinae

Class 34    Dracula Species or Hybrid (includes Dracuvallia)                                      Sally Johnson Trophy

      1st.      Drac. sodiroi                                                                                                      J & B Smith  6

      2nd.     Drvla. Blue Boy ‘Cow Hollow’                                                                              S Jackson  3
Class 35    Masdevallia Species under 40mm                                                                       Eric Abetz Trophy

      1st.      Masd. ignea ‘Francis’                                                                                             S Jackson  3
2nd.     No Entry

Class 36    Masdevallia species 40 – 80mm                                                        Daphne Malcolm Mem.Trophy

      1st.      Masd. coccinea ‘Snowbird                                                                               S Greatbatch  7

      2nd.     No Entry

Class 37    Masdevallia species over 80mm                                                                       Elise Archer Trophy

      1st.      Masd. veitchiana ‘Prince de Gaulle’                                                                        M Smith  1      2nd,     No Entry

Class 38    Masdevallia Hybrid under 40mm                                                  Daphne Malcolm Mem.Trophy

      1st.      No Entry                                                                                                        


Class 39    Masdevallia Hybrid 40 – 80 mm                                                                        Ian Crocker Trophy

      1st.      Masd.  coccinea var. alba x amabilis var.alba                                                 J & B Smith  6

      2nd.     Masd.  Copper Wing ‘Gold Dust’                                                                  N & C Doyle  10

Class 40    Masdevallia Hybrid over 80mm                                                                     Sally Johnson Trophy

      1st.      Masd. Mary Staal ‘Laurie Jeannie’                                                           V Byers/G Durkin  4

      2nd.     Masd. Curacao ‘Goldie’                                                                                    I Woodgate  Cs

N Class 41   Other Pleurothallidinae Species or Hybrid – Notifiable                              N & C Doyle Trophy

         1st.      Stelis endressii                                                                                                       S Jackson  3                      2nd      Rstp. Unknown                                                                                                      S Jackson  3

Section E    Other Orchid Genera

Class 42    Oncidiinae Species                                                                                                          TOS Trophy

      1st.      No Entry


Class 43    Oncidiinae Hybrid over 60mm                                                          John Woodward Mem.Trophy

      1st.      Brsdm. Serenade                                                                                               I Woodgate  Cs

      2nd.     Brat. Aztec Toni                                                                                           D & V Cleaver  8

Class 44    Oncidiinae Hybrid under 60mm                                                                   David O’Byrne Trophy

      1st.      Onc. Pacific Flamingo                                                                                      I Woodgate  Cs

      2nd.     Ohd. Cherry Fudge ‘Carmela’                                                                           I Woodgate  Cs

 Class 45   Gomesa Species or Hybrid                                                                                             TOS Trophy

      1st.      No Entry

Class 46    Coelogyne Species or Hybrid                                                                          David O’ByrneTrophy

      1st.      Coel.  massangeana                                                                                      D & V Cleaver  8      

      2nd.     Coel.  cristata var. lemonia                                                                            N & C Doyle  10

Class 47    Paphiopedilum Species or Hybrid                                                                Shirley Jackson Trophy

      1st.      Paph. Green Shanks ‘Goblet’                                                                        D & V Cleaver  8
      2nd.     No Entry                                                                                                                                                              

Class 48    Dendrobium Species or Hybrid other than classes 19  – 23                    M Sugden Perp. Trophy

      1st.      Den. Hamana Lake ‘Dream’                                                                          D & V Cleaver  8

      2nd.     Den. (Renown x Snowflake) ‘Tinonee’ x Star Sapphire                                   I Woodgate  Cs               

Class 49    Phalaenopsis Species or Hybrid                                                                   Shirley Jackson Trophy

      1st.      Phal. Autumn Sun ‘Amy Lee’                                                                                 M Smith  1
      2nd.     Phal. Unknown                                                                                                 S Greatbatch  7

Class 50    Pleione Species/Hybrid (single flower)                                                             Elise Archer Trophy

      1st.      Pln. Orangutan ‘Sekara’                                                                             B & L Davidson  5
      2nd.     Pln.  Versailles ‘Heron’                                                                               B & L Davidson  5

Class 51    Pleione Species/Hybrid (pot/pan)                                                                  Janice Strang Trophy

      1st.      Pln.  Orangutan ‘Sekara’                                                                             B & L Davidson  5

      2nd.     Pln.  Tongariro ‘Gwendoline’                                                                     B & L Davidson  5

Class 52    Other Orchid Species                                                                                    D & V Cleaver Trophy

      1st.      Max. porphrystele                                                                                           N & C Doyle 10      2nd.     Cyr. macranthum ‘John’s Brilliance’                                                                 B Woodward 9

Class 53    Other Orchid Hybrid                                                                                       Barry Wilson Trophy

      1st.      Pptm. Kiwi Leopard x (Z. Jumping Jack x Syd. Monkhouse)                               S Jackson  3       2nd.      Zba. Elfin Jade ‘Purple Heart’ x Pab. jugosa                                                         M Smith  1

Section F    Novice Growers

(Novice must not have won  3 First Prizes in Open Orchid Section of any one Spring Show)

Class 54    Cymbidium Hybrid  over  90mm.                                                                     Elise Archer Trophy

      1st.      Cym. Kelly’s Winter ‘Patricia’                                                                  V Byers/G Durkin  4

      2nd.     Cym. Coraki ‘Gold Kimberly’ x Valley Khan ‘Wow’                               V Byers/G Durkin  4

Class 55    Cymbidium Hybrid  90mm. and under                                                             Ian Crocker Trophy

      1st.      Cym. My Sweet Amy                                                                                        S Barwick  Cs

      2nd.     Cym. Gigili ‘Pink Sherbert’                                                                               S Greatbatch  7

Class 56    Dendrobium kingianum                                                                                               TOS Trophy

      1st.      No Entry                                                                                

Class 57    Australian Native Species or Hybrid other than class 55                              Barry WilsonTrophy

      1st.      Srts.  Braveheart ‘Sandy’                                                                                   S Greatbatch  7

      2nd      Den. Rutherford Starburst ‘Tinonee’                                                                       G Allen  Cs

Class 58    Australian Native Species or Hybrid (Rhizobium Type)                                            TOS Trophy

      1st.      No Entry                                                                                            


Class 59    Masdevallia or Dracula Species                                                                                     TOS Trophy

      1st.      No Entry

Class 60    Masdevallia or Dracula Hybrid                                                               Sandra Greatbatch Trophy

      1st.      Masd. Mary Staal ‘Laurie Jeanne’                                                            V Byers/G Durkin  4

      2nd.     Masd. Rubicon ‘Top Gun’                                                                                    I Crocker  Cs   

Class 61    Laeliinae Species or Hybrid                                                                          D & V Cleaver Trophy

      1st.      C.  Dal’s Paradise x Rosella Jewel                                                                       I Crocker  Cs                      2nd.       C. Mari’s Song x Lc. Tiny Titan                                                                          I Crocker  Cs                                       

Class 62    Other Orchid Species                                                                                          Ian Crocker Trophy

      1st.      Pln. formosana                                                                                                  S Greatbatch  7                   2nd.      Max. cogniauxiana                                                                                            S Greatbatch  7

Class 63    Other Orchid Hybrid                                                                                          Ian Crocker Trophy

      1st.      Den. Montrose                                                                                                              S Greatbatch  7        

      2nd.     Zga. Denpasar ‘Red Rocket’ x Unknown                                                             C Bodger  Cs

Section G   Non – Member

N Class 64   Any Orchid  Notifiable                                                                                       Elise Archer Trophy

         No Entry

      Section H       Non – Orchidaceous

N Class 65   Best Pot Plant – Flowering or Foliage                                                              Elise Archer Trophy

         1st.      Calathea                                                                                                            S Greatbatch  7
         2nd.     Calathea                                                                                                                 C Doyle  Cs

N Class 66   Best Fern (must be nominated if included in a display)    Notifiable       Sally Johnson Trophy

         1st.      Bird’s Nest Fern                                                                                              B Woodward  9

         2nd.     Davalig Fern                                                                                                     S Greatbatch  7