Our Members

Without its members, the Tasmanian Orchid Society would not be the rich and diverse organisation that it is. Membership to the Tasmanian Orchid Society means that the society can continue to provide quality information and services, and continue to get people out of their orchid houses to socialise with other enthusiasts.

Benefits of Membership

The value of membership to the Hobart Orchid Society far exceeds the yearly membership cost. Members can look forward to:

  • Monthly meetings which include:
    • talks
    • raffles with orchids as the prizes
    • sales table to help add to your collection
    • tabling of flowering orchids for judging
    • supper
  • Access to an extensive library
  • A yearly auction
  • Access to discounted orchid supplies such as orchid potting mixes
  • Access to a range of orchid related events throughout the year
  • Access to the best orchid minds in Hobart

Yearly Membership

Membership for new members, Member renewal will be at a reduced cost.

New Members – 1st Year

Singles: $25
Couples: $35
Junior: $10

Existing Members

Singles: $20
Couples: $30
Junior: $5

Joined at the Spring Show?

The Tasmanian Orchid Society considers members who joined at the Spring Orchid Show to be paid through the following year. 3 months free, lucky you!

Interested in becoming a member? Please download, print and complete this Application Form The completed form can be submitted at the next monthly meeting or you can scan and send it via email address contained within the form.